Signing the 35-year-old Johnson continues the Raiders’ offseason of adding aging veterans. Johnson has clearly lost a step but was reasonably effective in 15 games last season despite rupturing his Achilles tendon late in the 2016 season. Johnson compiled 71 tackles, and seven passes defended in 2017.

Could Dak Prescott’s Cowboys future be uncertain without a step forward in 2018?

Football has a funny way of taking unexpected turns. Literally, the balls do that on the field, oftentimes creating havoc and unexpected results. But what we think we know about football and the long-term plans of NFL teams changes just as regularly. Last year at this time, the biggest debate around the NFL was whether you want Dak Prescott or Carson Wentz as your long-term quarterback.

Both were good answers, but Cowboys and Eagles fans were adamant their guy was THE guy. After the 2017 season, things have changed rather dramatically. Wentz would win in a landslide right now, despite entering 2018 with questions about his health after suffering a torn ACL late last year. He was Tom Brady’s primary MVP competition until that injury and helped set up the Eagles for their Super Bowl run.

Dak needs a structured environment, Walker noted. There are still some fundamentals he needs to work on: footwork, timing, consistent accuracy. So whereas he’s the highest-graded quarterback in the NFL with tight-window passes, consistently making down the field passes, those back-shoulder throws, things of that nature, he’s admitted himself he needs to improve upon that.

“There are things that have to be worked out that you can only do on the field,” Dominik told Sporting News. “You know you’re getting a super athlete. The problem is he’s so used to being able to tuck the ball and run. Coaches have to fix that so there’s a little pause and making sure Lamar goes through his progressions and looks for that final checkdown rather than tucking and running.

“Because of his size, you’re not going to want to see that all the time at the NFL level. Otherwise, he’ll end up being Hurt Jackson rather than Action Jackson.”

Finally, here’s one knock you won’t hear every day. Sporting News has learned that at least two NFL teams had concerns about whether Jackson annunciates well enough to effectively call plays in the huddle. That about covers Jackson’s perceived flaws.nike_jets_1621