There are no regrets in Philly, because nobody wants to mess with the butterfly effect.

That being said, hiring Kelly as head coach in 2013 was a colossal mistake—even worse than throwing $60 million at an aging Nnamdi Asomugha in 2011 or picking Brandon Graham one spot ahead of Earl Thomas in 2010.

Three picks later, the Giants took Collins, who became a first-team All-Pro with five picks, four sacks and 125 tackles as a sophomore and made the Pro Bowl again in his third season. 

It’s not a sexy mistake, but it’s a mistake nonetheless. And it’s not as though they can chalk it up to the draft’s being a crapshoot, because Collins was widely projected to be a first-round pick. He slid, and Green Bay failed to take advantage. 

After rising through the ranks with the Philadelphia Eagles, the 46-year-old Grigson spent five years as the Colts ‘ GM before being fired following the 2016 season.

Landing in Seattle gives Grigson a chance to revamp his reputation in an established front office led by GM John Schneider.

Starting in 2026, there will be 16 groups of three teams, with the top two teams in the group advancing into the expanded round-of-32 knockout stages. The finalists will still play seven games.

The new format will increase the amount of games at the tournament from 64 to 80. Mexico and Canada will each host 10 games, while America will get 60. All games from the quarterfinal round onto the final will be played in the USA.