As the NFL continues to try to build its international brand, they continue to dole out a few players to hang around teams for a year to build interest.

The league announced that eight teams will carry international players on their practice squads this year, with each team in the AFC North getting a player and the NFC South teams bringing theirs back from last season.

Last year, to save the toll on the bodies of draft picks and college free agents worn down by the process, they held meetings and walkthroughs in lieu of practices during the time they were allotted for a rookie minicamp.

As of this writing, the plan was for Miami to do the same this weekend.

One thing I kept hearing in the wake of Baker Mayfield ’s meteoric rise was wide-spread respect for the job that Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley did in building the offense last year.

And it’s in the way plays compliment each other, how Riley creates completions for the quarterback, and how he mixed tempo and aggressively attacks the defense.

“We certainly have enough — without a doubt,” Nagy said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “You’re at a point right now where there [are] really good numbers in regards to all the positions. Whether it’s the running-back position, the tight-end position, wide receiver and then the depth at O-line, we’re in a really good spot. That was the goal going into free agency, going into the draft. I feel like we accomplished that.”

Nagy will now be tasked with putting all of the pieces in the right places and getting quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to make it all run smoothly on the field. Success on both fronts will get his Bears tenure off on the right step.

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